SHC gives last chance to KMC for encroachment removal from Jahangir Park

KARACHI: The Sindh High Court (SHC) on Monday gave the period of seven days as a last chance to Karachi Metropolitan Corporation (KMC) for the removal of encroachments from the Jahangir Park, Saddar.

SHC was hearing a petition filed by some citizens in which they sought rehabilitation of the Jahangir Park and removal of encroachments from it.

In Monday’s hearing KMC’s counsel stated that City Administrator Sajjad Hussain Abbasi has suspended nine officers of 17, 18, and 19 Grade for delaying implementation of the SHC’s order regarding removal of encroachments from the park.

KMC’s counsel stated that they want to comply with the court’s order but needed some time for this purpose. The court directed KMC to remove the encroachments from historical park within seven days.

Earlier, the court had ordered of removing the encroachments from the Park and shifting of five KMC employees living in the Park to Korangi’s Taj Mustafa Colony but KMC failed to do so.

It is pertinent to mention here that the KMC Administrator on 30th October suspended nine officers on their negligence in the removal of encroachments from the Jahangir Park. The suspended officers include Director Land Aqeel Baig (BPS-18), Director Land Anti-Encroachment Mazhar Khan (BPS-19), Additional Director Land Anti-Encroachment Korangi Mueen Ghori (BPS-18), Deputy Director Anti-Encroachment Korangi Asif Jatha (BPS-17), Director State Mohammad Munir (BPS-18), Additional Director Estate Sohail Qaimkhani (BPS-18), Deputy Director Estate Kaleem Abbas (BPS-18), Deputy Director Estate Akmal Dar (BPS-18), and Deputy Director Estate Mohammad Irshad (BPS-18).

The petitioners submitted that the park has historical importance, but now it has become a haven for drug abusers due to the negligence of relevant administration.

They pleaded the court that minibus and rickshaw stands have been established in the park, ruining its beauty. “Encroachment, fruit stalls and pushcarts around the park have ruined the park’s beauty,” the petitioners submitted.

The petitioners prayed to the court to direct the administration to remove encroachments, minibus stands and other obstacles from the land around the park. They requested the court that the park should be developed again. The court was further requested to direct the concerned authorities to rehabilitate the park and remove encroachments from it so that it can be used for public recreation once again.

The Jahangir Park has historical importance as it was gifted to Karachiites in 1893 by a Parsi philanthropist, Khan Behramjee.