Significant decrease in Karachi crime rate: IGP

KARACHI: There was a significant overall decrease in crime rate in the city especially during the on-going targeted operation against the criminal elements. Inspector General of Police (IGP) Sindh Iqbal Mehmood said this here while talking to a 13-member delegation of 15th National Management Course, Senior Management Wing at Central Police Office. IGP said that this was owing to the practical steps taken and strategy adopted by the officials of Sindh police and promoting community policing concept.

He pointed out that the overall cases of murders came down by 36 percent, target killing reduced by 65 percent and incidents of street crime reduced by three percent. According to the details, during the targeted operation, 770 wanted accused involved in murder cases apprehended, including 468 accused of fresh murder cases, 58 proclaimed offenders in different murders cases and 244 absconders also led to the detection of 710 such cases. It was further informed that 172 accused were arrested involved in target killing cases and challaned accordingly.

Likewise, 176 terrorists were arrested during on-going targeted operation; 56 cases were detected and 150 arrested accused in 67 cases challaned. The visiting delegation was further informed that during the reported period, police nabbed 91 accused of kidnapping for ransom and 281 accused involved in extortion cases.

The delegation was also up-to-dated about Police Shaheeds. The details revealed that 124 Police personnel embraced shahadat in the line of duty during period from January 2013 up to August 2013 before targeted operation and 99 from September 2013 till April 20, 2014 during on-going targeted operation. The delegation was further informed that police arrested 78 accused involved in the killing of police personnel and detected 43 such cases.

The delegation was also clued-up about performance during the four months of the current year from January 1 till April 20, 2014. There were 841 encounters of police criminals busted, 34 kidnappers apprehended, 85 extortionists nabbed, 14 terrorists arrested and 2128 proclaimed offenders, 9223 absconders arrested. During the current year, police recovered 344 kilograms of explosive material, eight IEDs, seven bombs, seven suicidal jackets, 151 hand grenades, 101 SMGs, 191 rifles and 2635 pistols.

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