Sindh CM sees test-tube democracy in Pakistan

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Sindh CM sees test-tube democracy in Pakistan

July 25, 2019

KARACHI:Sindh Chief Minister Syed Murad Ali Shah has said that on July 25, 1978 first test-tube baby was born and exactly after 40 years first test tube democracy [govt] was created in Pakistan. “This is why the joint opposition has decided to observe July 25 as black day because a selected system was put in place.

This he said while on Thursday while talking to media just after attending Youth Parliament Programme at a local hotel. To a question, the chief minister said that on July 25, 1978 first test tube baby was born and after a gap of 40 years a test-tube democracy has been put in place in Pakistan. “The joint oppositions parties decided to observe July 25 as a black day because last year on this day election was turned into selection and selected government was imposed on the country,” he said and added “the test tube democratic government has no know how of democratic norms, attitudes and behavior.”

Replying to a question about Jahangir Tareen’s observation on agriculture in Sindh, the chief minister said he had respect for Mr Tareen but questioned in which capacity he was asking about the agriculture research and others works. “He is a disqualified for his entire life and he has come up with questions against Sindh govt,” he said and added had the federal agriculture minister or the prime minister asked him about the progress in agricultural sector in Sindh he would have responded accordingly.

Talking about his meeting with Sindh Governor Imran Ismail, the chief minister said that he wanted to see him, therefore he went to him. “In our meeting we discussed development projects stuck in ECNEC and decided to approach the federal government in our respective capacities,” he said.

To a question about the Chairman Senate, Mr Shah said “Mr Sadiq Sanjrani has lost the confidence of the party which had helped him in his election [senate],” he said and added it was PPP which had supported him in his election and he has lost their confidence, therefore he would step down voluntarily, he advised.

Speaks: Sindh Chief Minister Syed Murad Ali Shah addressing the Youth Parliamentarian at a local hotel called for restoration of student unions. “The vacuum developed with the ban on Students Union has been filled, to some extent, by Youth Parliament,” he said and added said that when he was student he used to participate in students union and had cast the vote in favour of his student leader. “Still I was student when a dictator banned the unions since then political nurture came to an end and political tolerance vanished away,” he said.

Shah said that he has noticed that political tolerance and farsightedness has nosed down. ‘Everyone on social media was busy in insulting others- this is a dangerous trend and we must impose some self-censorship and regulations.

Shah said that these days they [PTI] were silencing media and strangulating its voice. They don’t have experience or guts to tolerate their opponents. “As a matter of fact, the present opposition and previous governments tolerated them incredibly,” he said. He warned against strangulating the media and its voice and said it would destroy the entire democratic norms and values and it was a violation of freedom of speech. “I was surprised when they claimed during their visit to American that media was free in Pakistan,” he said.

The chief minister said that under a pre-planned conspiracy the politicians were being maligned as corrupt, incapable and inefficient. “This is a dangerous trend under which peoples confidence in political parties was being taken away and if it is happened, as is being conspired, dictatorial forces would take over and then destruction in the society would emerge everywhere,” he said.

He added that when his daughter was receiving education in class-Vth abroad early election were called there. ‘The school administrations topped teaching normal syllabus to the students and switched over them to political syllabus in which election method and respect of vote and mechanism of election was taught to students- this is how the democracy is being strengthened in European countries while in country democracy and democratic forces were being maligned,” he deplored.

Shah said that he was working for restoration past glories of hockey. “When I was young I used to play hockey but these days everyone has switched over in other games instead of our national game, hockey,” he said.

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