Sindhi Literature and Cultural Festival from 8th May

KARACHI: Special Assistant to CM Sindh for Culture and Tourism, Sharmila Faruqui, said in her statement on Thursday that the launching of first ever three-day Sindhi literature and Cultural Festival is a milestone for Sindh government, because it is the first time that such an event is being organized by the provincial government.

She added that these types of events are widely needed to decrease the anxiety and tension among the masses of province. Sindh is in dire need of such activities. Due to some political turmoil and scorching heat weather in the province, people are looking for some entertainment and refreshing literary event since past several years.

“It is an opportunity for the young generation, especially students of literature and history, to have a company of renowned poets, authors, researchers, philosophers and literary dialects of Sindh to exchange thoughts, ideas, and issues to explore their knowledge of this no-match land of Sindh,” she said.

She also said that the literary and Cultural environment will boost the interest of people into the dusted glory of Sindhi culture, and you will find out the new life into the literary circles of Sindh after this event.

She urged the general public and invited them to be a part of this festival and made this effort successful so that this event will be organized on annual basis.

The Sindhi Literature and Cultural Festival will be held from 8th May to 10th May 2015 at Arts Council, Karachi with free entry for general public.

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