SITE’s tail-end units get normal gas pressure again: SSGC

KARACHI: Sui Southern Gas Company (SSGC) on Saturday commented a news item related to low gas pressure in SITE that appeared in a section of the press on August 1, 2015.

Due to technical reasons, gas pressure in SITE industrial area dropped on Friday that affected only few industries out of nearly 4,200 units located in SSGC’s franchise area. Specifically, only those high pressure customers who are located at the tail-end of SITE’s distribution network were affected due to low pressure and not all the units. Therefore, despite the assertion carried in the press, all industrial and captive power units in SITE did not face this temporary inconvenience and carried on with their production without any interruption.” The gas pressure at the tail-end units of SITE was, however, restored this morning and all units in the industrial area are now getting uninterrupted supply and normal pressure.

It said: “While in the last 3 months low pressure has dropped in SITE only three to four times, this is a normal phenomenon primarily due to technical gas field related reasons. It is, therefore, not appropriate to allege that due to low pressure, business and production activities have been drastically affected and many of the units in SITE have been brought to the brink of closure.”

“It must also be understood that SSGC follows the government’s gas load management plan in the across the board distribution of gas, which places first preference to the domestic customers followed by industrial and other sectors. Having said that, SSGC remains committed to ensuring normal gas pressure to all the industries it serves and SITE, whose tail-end units have to face brief low pressure issues, is no exception. In case of low pressure, SSGC always makes it a point to ensure that pressure is restored to normal levels as soon as possible so that production is not affected in any way,” the company said.