Smoking habit alarmingly rising among Pakistanis females

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KARACHI: Smoking habit is rapidly rising in Pakistanis young females, particularly in students of colleges and universities, requiring urgent attention from stakeholders to control this menace.

Pakistan Medical Association (PMA) Secretary General, Dr SM Qaisar Sajjad, while talking to PPI, said Pakistan is among top countries with rising tobacco use as the number of female smokers was increasing day by day. He said female smokers in Pakistan were estimated at 14 percent of female population and such habit was rising among college and universitie students.

He said: “Regular smoking is not only harmful to women’s health but also to their pregnancy process. Immediate preventive measures to control the use of hazardous substances that put women at a great risk of developing multiple illnesses are needed.”

He said dying family culture, depression, glamorous lifestyle, loneliness and copying of western culture were some major reasons behind the rise in the number of female smokers. He said evil of smoking was once confined to teenagers and males in their society; however, the notion seemed to fade away as more and more women, particularly students, were using tobacco, sheesha, and drugs, raising concerns among the national health policymakers.

Dr Sajjad urged all stakeholders of society to devise a comprehensive strategy to reduce smoking ratio in women, particularly in students to save their health. He said the PMA had been demanding a complete ban on the sale of tobacco productsin educational institutes.

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