Spicy foods increase risk of developing piles

KARACHI: Renowned proctologist, Dr Ghulam Mujtaba Memon, on Thursday said as many as 10,000 piles patients, clinically known as Haemorrhoid, have already been successfully treated by him at Civil Hospital Karachi.

Dr Mujtaba said piles is a painful disease but is 100 percent treatable. However, unfortunately such cases are increasing day by day due to excessive use of spicy foods and constant constipation.

He said early signs of piles include burning sensation, itching, mild constipation and a constant feeling of heaviness or mild swelling in the anal region. He said diet plays a big role in prevention from constipation and piles.

He said pile is probably the most common lifestyle ailment affecting men and women at any age. He said it often develops due to excess pressure on anal blood vessels, which later causes swelling and inflammation.

He said chronic constipation, lifestyle factors such as improper food habits and less fluid intake are some of the common causes. He said treatment of such patients is available in three different methods and patient can recover from this painful disease in a month after proper treatment.

Dr Mujtaba Memon informed that 25 to 30 piles patients report in their OPD in the Civil Hospital Karachi every Saturday. He further informed that about 10,000 piles patients have been successfully treated in their hospital.

He advised the people to avoid bakery items, rice, spicy food, Naan and other items in order to prevent from constipation and piles. He further advised people increase fluid intake and fiber-diet will reduce risk of developing disease.

He said unavailability of toilets at public places is also a major factor behind spread of piles cases; therefore, the government must establish toilets in markets and other public places to facilitate people.