Sports: Hockey: Junior Hockey Championship begins May 14 with new rules

Karachi: The 33rd edition of Junior U-18 National Hockey Championship will be played here at Hockey Club of Pakistan Stadium from May 14 to 25 with new hockey rules.

Pakistan Hockey Federation (PHF) has decided to bring domestic hockey in line with FIH new format. The matches will all be 60-minute affairs with four 15 minutes quarters, instead of 70-minute games with two 35-minute halves.

After the first and third quarters, each team will have a two-minute break, while existing 10-minute half time will remain unchanged. When a penalty corner will be awarded, there will be a 40-second time out with the exception of a re-award.

In the case of a re-awarded penalty corner, time will be immediately stopped but the teams will not be allowed an additional 40-second, only enough time to get back into position.

If a team takes longer than the 40 second time-out to take position for the initial penalty corner, the guilty player will be given a green card and, therefore, a two-minute suspension. Additionally, a 40-second time out will be added when a goal will be scored.

Meanwhile, PHF has also appointed Age Credentials Check Committee and Local NADRA Staff to verify and check the ages of the players. Bone Test or Facial Scrutiny will be conducted to verify the age of the players.

The concealment of age of players will render the player and team manager involved, to debarment, which may be up to one year. The Committee is comprised of Olympian Tahir Zaman, Dr. Waqar Ahmed, Lt Col (R) Nadeem Ahmed Bhatti and Muhammad Ramzan Jamali.

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