Sports: Hockey: PHF officials not fit to run the National Sport: Samiullah

Karachi: The top brass of Pakistan Hockey Federation (PHF) completely lacks professionalism, co-ordination between them, will and vision, which has brought Pakistan hockey down to such abysmal place, feels former legendary hockey player Samiullah.

“One can easily assess the calibre of these officials by only observing their contradictory statements,” Samiullah told PPI. “How can two top officials announce two different itineraries for one doubtful series? This is ridiculous and shows the standard of our top officials.”

PHF President Akhtar Rasool and Secretary Rana Mujahid had recently announced two different schedules for a bilateral series against India.

According to reports, Akhtar Rasool told media that Indian team would arrive in Lahore on June 19 for a three-match series with the first match to be played in Karachi on June 20, second match in Faisalabad on June 23 and the third and final match in Lahore on June 25.

But Rana Mujahid announced that Indian team would reach Karachi on June 30 with matches to be played in July.

Meanwhile, Dr Narinder Batra, Secretary Hockey India (HI) have told media that although they have confirmed PHF that they would visit Pakistan in June this year, however it would all depend whether Indian government give them clearance for the series or not.

“Series with India is always doubtful as they had backed out in the past from playing in Pakistan because of political rifts. I don’t think there had been a need to make a hype of this series,’ he said.

Samiullah added that the federation’s top brass wanted to show to the world that they have been making efforts to revive international hockey in the country.

“The federation needs to make some solid plans for domestic and international events. Such hollow efforts may help then get some more time to stay in offices but would not in any way help the cause of hockey in the country, which should have been the prime purpose of their efforts,” he stressed.

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