Sports: Squash: Disbanded Secretary to sue SSA

Karachi: Sindh Squash Association (SSA)’s suspended secretary Muhammad Amir Khan Monday said that he will SSA’s Board of Members for levelling false allegation against him during SSA’s annual general meeting.

In SSA’s Executive Board and General Council meetings he ld on May 3, Amir was suspended as secretary for alleged mismanagement of funds and lack of interest in SSA affairs.

“Since my character was made questionable through such allegations, I have fully reserved the right to sue all members attended the so-called meeting,” Amir said.

“The first charge was about mismanagement of funds and other financial discrepancies. I would like to clarify that all financial transactions were always made with the consent of both treasurer and president of SSA and approved by them in black and white, therefore any financial discrepancies on my account is unquestionable,” he said.

He further accused SSA’s President, saying that he was the one who transferred funds from SSA accounts to his personal one without the permission of the executive committee.

“The SSA board in its press release after the AGM stated that I was involved in the overspending of SSA funds without their approval. As I mentioned above, all the funds drawn from SSA accounts are done through cheques which are also signed by the President himself,” Amir explained.

“Therefore drawing of funds and their spending is done with SSA President’s approval. Besides this, every disbursement of funds was done with the approval of the president SSA through official correspondence,” he reiterated.

“The second charge was that I did not audit the SSA records. In this regard, I would like to clarify that the Treasure SSA is legally responsible for the preparation and presenting of the annual audit report and despite my several reminders he failed to do so.

“It was I who informed the President SSA about this, following which t President himself sent a final reminder to SSA Treasurer on April 14 in this regard and held him responsible for submitting the audit report,” Amir clarified.

“The SSA board levelled another charge I never paid visits to districts and never replied to their official queries. I would like to clarify that whenever any official of district squash associations raised a query it was always promptly answered by me. I have visited almost all the districts of Sindh where major squash events held in the recent past. For example, I was very much present in all the events SSA organized at Hyderabad and Rashidabad, Tandoallahyar, for last three years,” he added.

“Another charge on me was about showing lack of interest in SSA affairs. I would like to clarify that SSA won three PSF Pride of Performance awards and was twice stood second best among the affiliated units of PSF, and this milestone cannot simply be achieved without the secretary’s personal interest and efforts,” he said.

“The board has tried to assassinate my character and for that I will go to the court against SSA president and the board members for levelling all such false charges on me,” he concluded.

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