SSGC ask industry to reduce load by 30pc

Karachi: Considering the severe fuel shortage and in the light of the growing fuel demand, SSGC is taking all possible measures to ensure optimum gas pressure to its domestic and commercial customers. However, due to the additional demand of the current priority sector, the gas utility has to overcome shortfall by requesting the industries to reduce the gas load.

In this regard, SSGC requests the industrial sector to cooperate with the gas utility to overcome this grave situation, as it has in the past. Therefore, it is requested that all industrial units in its franchise areas of Sindh and Balochistan, voluntarily reduce their gas load by 30% till the fuel crisis subsides in the country. SSGC expects that by reducing gas load by 30%, the units will help in easing the national fuel crisis to a large extent.

The Company management appreciates the cooperation of the industrial customers and remains confident that by reducing gas load, the industrial units will contribute towards easing this national crisis to a large extent.

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