SSUET alive to fast technological developments

KARACHI: The Chancellor Sir Syed University of Engineering and Technology (SSUET), Engr Muhammad Adil Usman, has said that SSUET is alive to the staggering speed at which the technology is growing and also to the multiple dimensions the technology is encompassing for its growth.

“To keep pace with the developments we must undertake the cultivating, nurturing and mentoring of young minds, employing the best of the available human and material resources”, he said in an interview.

He pointed out that SSUET was established with a view to adorning the youth with the most modern knowledge and the University made them available the best choices for study in the field of modern technology.

Since its inception, he said, this university has been performing this sacred duty of developing the youth, capable to meet the challenges of the modern world. It is due to this fact that engineer from SSUET occupy respectable positions in National and Multi-national organizations in Pakistan and abroad.

He observed that relevance with the main stream of modern technical education is also very essential for the University and this will be possible with continuous improvement of curricula and adding new disciplines.

“Keeping this in mind the University introduced Software Engineering, Bioinformatics and Architecture as new subjects of study and this journey of growth will go further in the subsequent years too,” he added.

Chancellor Adil Usman said that Aligarh Muslim University Old Boys’ Association (AMUOBA), the Sponsor of Sir Syed University of Engineering & Technology, can look back with satisfaction that their efforts have really been crowned with success.

The graduates from SSUET have earned good name for the University as well as for the country and serving honourably in the countries, which are touching the zenith of progress in Science and Technology.

The University, he noted, stands for humanism, tolerance, progress, adventure of ideas, the search of truth and for the new breakthroughs in technology and for onward march of the youth towards ever higher objectives.

“We keep promotion of human values as the keynote of schemes of our curricula and teach them importance of human values under the caption “Aligarh Movement”.

The young graduates, he said, must bear in their mind that they are living in the times where knowledge is the ultimate power. For them the road ahead may be long and full of perils and obstacles but the journey promises to be exciting, provided the honesty of the purpose is the guiding force.

Replying a question, Engr. Adil Usman pointed out that countries in our geo-physical region have become the economic giants. This stature they have achieved through their progress in science and technology. The engineers and technologist have played a major role in their progress. In this age of competition, if we fail to take cognizance of the marathon of advancements, we will become economically pygmies.

“We pin our hopes in our young engineers. They have full capacity to rise to the occasion and meet the challenges”, he stated.

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