’Stop conspiracies against working journalists’

KARACHI: Journalist associations on Wednesday held a protest demonstration outside the Karachi Press Club showing solidarity with upcoming TV channel “Bole Media Group” and condemned conspiracy against working journalists.

Hundreds of journalists, cameramen and people relating to civil society carrying placards and banners, raised slogans to condemn what they caked a conspiracy against media. Protestors raised slogans for the freedom of Press.

Addressing the protestors, Faisal Aziz said some elements want to stop launching of Bol channel and hence economic murder of journalists working in it.

Editor of Bole English newspaper, Amir Zia said that after the recent conspiracy different TV channel and newspapers have stopped increment in salaries of their journalists. He said unfortunately some media houses, bureaucracy and government have become united against their organization. He said PFUJ and KUJ should come forward for the protection of freedom of media.

Bole media editor Nazir Laghari said again the journalists are being targeted, but the journalist community would stay with their colleagues.

Ex President KPC Imtiaz Khan Faran said if anyone tries to harm their Bol colleagues then all journalists would do whatever they could. He said these protests would not be restricted to PKC but spread through the country.

Ex Secy of KPC Amir Latif said all journalists are with Bol media colleagues.

KUJ Burna General Secretary G M Jamali said there is no involvement of journalists in media owners’ fight.

KPC President Fazil Jamili said KPC said the journalists have won their first round of fight. He said from tomorrow a protest camp would be organized outside the KPC against the conspiracies.

AH Khanzada, Wajid Raza, Hassan Abbas, Afsar Imran, Ameen Yousuf also spoke.