’Stop harassment of 4mn Bengali speaking Karachiites’

Karachi: Bengali-speaking Pakistanis are as patriotic as other citizens of this country speaking different languages, but the police, FIA and NARA have been tormenting these patriotic Pakistani without any reason of rhyme and this injustice should be stopped now for good, said Pasban e Pakistan President Altaf Shakoor, addressing a huge Jalsa of Bengali-speaking Pakistanis at 100-Quarter football ground of Korangi-5 Sunday night.

He reminded that at the time of Dhaka Fall, these Pakistani preferred Pakistan over Bangladesh. This community gave Pakistan great heroes like M M Alam. This community chose to live and die in Pakistan, but the police and other agencies are still treating them as aliens, which is a violation of the constitution of Pakistan that guarantees equal rights to all citizens.

He said that the police, FIA and NARA have made this community target to extort bribes. He said if M M Alam was a true Pakistani then this whole community is also patriotic and nobody should have any doubt in this regard.

He said the Bengali speaking brothers and sisters who settled before 1971 in Karachi and other cities and who were born here after 1971 are genuine Pakistani citizens as per our constitution and they should not be harassed due to their language or cultural background. He reminded the police and agencies that for Pakistani the maximum sacrifices were laid by Bengali speaking people.

Pasban leader Mushtaq Ahmed Malook, representing the Bengali speaking community, presented a resolution to stop harassment of this community on the pretext of CNIC, B Form and Passport. It said police, FIA and NARA should stop taking bribes from Bengali speaking people and lodging forged cases against them if they refuse to pay bribes.

The moot requested Pasban president Altaf Shakoor to help stopping harassment of the patriotic Bengali speaking community and save 4million Bengali speaking Pakistanis living