TDF, Education Department to educate students on environmental conservation

KARACHI: The Dawood Foundation (TDF) and the Government of Sindh’s Education & Literacy Department announced a collaborative project to educate students on environmental conservation. Students from 80 public schools across Karachi will be shown TDF-sponsored documentaries about the stunning natural heritage of Pakistan’s national parks, Margalla Hills and Chitral, and the conservation issues related to them.

Sabrina Dawood, CEO, TDF, said, “Pakistan is at grave risk due to climate change. Scores of Pakistanis have suffered due to natural calamities while many more face a threat to their livelihoods, their homes and their lives due to deforestation, water scarcity, land infertility and other issues that relate to environmental degradation. The solution is for every citizen to take ownership of this problem and assess their individual impact on the planet and its resources. Our aim is to strongly instil that urgent sense of responsibility in the students that we reach through this program.”

Dr. Fazlullah Pechuho, Secretary, Education and Literacy Department at Government of Sindh, said that public awareness about climate change is immensely important. He said that competing narratives in public sphere shift the focus away from environmental threats and thus it is incumbent on all stakeholders to make an effort to keep this issue in the limelight.

Dr. Pechuho expressed his satisfaction with TDF’s initiative and said that the documentaries, which have spectacular footage of Pakistan’s natural beauty, were both informative and engaging for young people.

As per UNDP data, Pakistan is one of the most vulnerable countries to climate change. Due to environmental degradation, it increasingly suffers from natural disasters, floods and other catastrophic consequences that lead to loss of incomes, homes and livelihoods. The calamities are a result of multiple factors, including global climactic changes and poor environmental conservation at home, as exemplified by one of the highest rates of deforestation in the world.

TDF has been actively working to educate the masses about nature conservation. Through its Nature Series campaign, the non-profit organization has been showing its documentaries at schools across Pakistan as well as deploying a grassroots public education program whereby thousands of people across 130 cities and villages in the country are being engaged.

The documentaries can be viewed and downloaded online