Torn Identity discussed at Ziauddin University

KARACHI: Institute of Communication and Media Studies, Ziauddin University, on Monday organized a panel discussion, titled “Torn Identity – Shout Loud for the Victims of Acid Attacks”.

The Insiya Syed, photo journalist, Prof Tanveer Khalid, former Dean Social Sciences, Ziauddin University, Dr Hameeda Jhangda, renowned psychiatrist and Jamil Syed were among the panelists.

Sharing story of an acid survivor, Memoona, 23 years, who is now studying to become a nurse, lost an eye when a boy threw acid on her over an old family feud, Insiya Syed said we should not sympathize with acid victims as they move beyond the trauma and consoling them again and again will remind them of the pain they are trying to forget about. She said they are stronger than us and want to be involved in the society just like any other person.

The panelists enlightened the role of education and media in creating awareness in masses. Prof Tanveer Khalid, former Dean Social Science of Ziauddin University also regarded acid attack as a heinous crime. She proposed people to visit religious scholars and seek guidance and solutions about social issues.

When asked about the psychological problems of perpetrators taking part in this heinous crime, Dr Hameeda Jhangda replied, some people have psychological issues. They get furious on minor issues like getting rejected and enjoy watching people suffer. Pakistan is not much developed in psychiatry but patients in US are placed and treated separately, and are constantly being monitored even after their treatment so they cannot harm the society.

Highlighting the importance of religion as a medium of communication, Jamil Syed said we should discuss this issue openly in our religious gatherings instead of lobbying and sympathizing with the victims. In an answer to a question, he said, no religion in this world allows such heinous crime. Religion is a powerful medium but it is not utilized properly.

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