Trade leaders seek apology from supporters, sympathisers of terrorists

Karachi: Business leaders on Saturday demanded immediate implementation of the action plan to curb menace of terrorism.

The nation has forged united after losing thousands of lives and hundreds of billions to lawlessness during last few decades therefore any delay in not in the national interest, they said.

Speaking to the business community VP Saarc Chamber Iftikhar Ali Malik, SM Muneer, Mian Idrees, Mian Zahid Hussain and others said that those trying to disturb national consensus against terrorism are not friends but enemies.

They said that after ending distinction between good and bad Taliban the differentiation between religious and non-religious terrorists must be put to an end.

Nation deserves an apology from political and opinion leaders who supported terrorists and misguided nation for decades, they demanded.

For decades governments preferred to avoid confrontation with terrorists and relied on statements that left country, masses and economy half dead but now the situation has changed, which has helped COAS Gen Raheel to become hero of masses.

Rejecting all the arguments against establishment of military courts, the business leaders said that it is imperative as legal system has become dysfunctional, witnesses and judges feel unsafe, investigation process remained faulty and political interference in police has paralysed that department.

Therefore military courts have emerged as a last solution and government should give it full legal and constitutional cover.

European countries happily bomb Afghan Taliban and Daish militants while forbidding Pakistan from capital punishments which is nothing but double-dealing.

Pakistan is going through a critical phase and those who do not support Government and armed forces at this juncture don’t deserve to be called Pakistanis.

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