Traders urge BVS for issuing new SIMs

KARACHI: Traders Community in Karachi on Sunday urged authorities concerned to fully and effectively impose the law of Biometric Verification System (BVS) for issuing new mobile SIMs so that the extortionists could not use illegal SIMs for their dirty business.

Talking to PPI, President All Karachi Tajir Ittihad Atiq Mir said that government and Sindh High Court had ordered not to issue any single SIM without BVS but cellular companies were not fully following the order.

He further said that besides issuing new SIMs without BVS, more than 20 million illegal SIMs issued earlier had not been deactivated yet and the same were being used for criminal activities.

He said that extorting cases could be reduced by a significant number through eliminating illegal SIMs as due to illegal SIMs it was very easy for extortionists to contact traders, threat them and demand extortion because they know that it would not be easy for law enforcing agencies to detect them because SIMs they used were not registered on their name.

He said that now when National Data Base and Registration Authority (NADRA) had finalized BVS for issuing new SIMs, all mobile phone companies should be strictly bound to use it and also deactivate all unregistered and suspected SIMs issued earlier.

To a question, he said that presently in most of extorting cases, illegal SIMs were being used as the criminals consider it easy and a safe for them.

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