Transformation of Pakistan into true federal democratic state demanded

Karachi: GM Sayed Peace Conference, organized by Sindh United Party (SUP) on Sunday on the occasion of 20th death anniversary of nationalist leader at Karachi Press Club, demanded transformation of Pakistan into a true federal democratic state wherein the provinces should have full autonomy and powers.

Calling for bringing an end to controlled dmocracy, the conference underlined the need for holding a free, fair and transparent election for introducing transparent political system in the country so that the true representatives of the masses could make legislation in parliament and provincial assemblies for resolving the issues confronting the common man.

Only the truly representative governments, elected through the transparent polls, would be able to eliminate corruption and bad governance, and serve the masses ensuring their participation in the government affairs and raising their living standard the conference viewed in a resolution. In order to curb the corruption, nepotism and discouraging the thinking of ruling the country like regal style, the conference called for continuing the accountability system however it suggested transparency in appointing the Heads of National Accountability Bureau, and who should not be under the influence of federal and provincial governments.

Through another resolution, the conference called for separating the religion from state affairs and considered it imperative for blocking the way of religious extremism that has damaged the foundations of the country. All the citizens should have equal rights without discrimination of color, caste, creed, gender and religion. There must be a total end of violence, terrorism and use of force in the politics it urged.

The Conference called upon the politicians and the masses to get united for eliminating corruption from the politics and electing a neat and clean leadership through the votes for welfare of the people.

Earlier, addressing the conference, held at Karachi Press Club, SUP chief Sayed Jalal Mehmood Shag said the society in Pakistan has lost the ability to differentiate between right and wrong, illicit and rightful, and the legal and illegal. Every person prefers short cuts for moving ahead swiftly rather than adopting the direct path towards the progress. Grabbing the power through unfair means is considered as ‘legitimate right’. Anarchy and clutching the power through unfair means are considered as ‘Democracy’ and the pillage of State organizations by the rulers, their functionaries and coteries is regarded as their ‘democratic right’. The national resources are being plundered swiftly instead of protecting and ensuring proper utilization.

Acquiring education through unfair means and seeking the jobs through fake degrees and political recommendations is thought to be a justified act. Such a state of affairs is not the outcome of wrong-doings committed in a single day. It’s the result of the misdeeds of 70-years long regal-style rule and particular mindsets, foundations of which were laid with creation of this country, and now have grown up like a tree he said.

Jalal Shah said: The Vested Interest Groups, through their continuous illegitimate rule over this country, had been legitimizing their misdeeds, personal whims and thinking; declared ‘true Pakistani’ and ‘Patriot’ to those who supported their misdeeds while all those were labeled as traitor and enemy of the country who opposed and criticized their misdeeds and undemocratic acts. This way, they kept those politicians away from political process who had spirit of serving the society, and encouraged the so-called politicians and members of vested interest groups. Thus the opportunist forces and the vested interest groups held the power since the inception of country, who despite being in the minority, wanted to rule the country or encourage people of such mindset to grab the power.

Pakistan came into being on the basis of Muslim majority areas, and Mohammad Ali Jinnah in his address to the first session of Constituent Assembly outlined the basics for running the affairs of new country but alas those fundamentals were neglected and the ‘Objective Resolution’ was incorporated in the Constitution mingling the religion with State affairs and thus encouraged the religious forces. The country needed a Constitution, law and wisdom to run the affairs but instead the anti-India sentiments were fueled and made the basis for reining the country. And for that purpose, the terms like ‘State and its national interests’ and ‘an Islamic State supreme to national frontiers’ were framed he said adding that this is what Saeen G. M. Sayed predicted in his historic address to the World Peace Conference held in Vienna in 1952.

Jalal Shah said: These elements were not prepared to recognize the geographical boundaries of historic nations and instead of protecting the geographical frontiers of country and the historic states existing within it, talked of defending the ideological frontiers of Pakistan. Instead of a Federation consisting of national units and a Collective Nation composed of historic nations, they did talk of a superficial ‘Pakistani Nation’ and a ‘Strong Center’ neglecting the original idea of true Federation, which didn’t have any direct linkage to the life and problems of a common man. The country was devoid of any Constitution and the law for a long time and personal whims and liking of the rulers were declared as law to rein the country.

The SUP president said that the country, from the day of its inception, was run through a Unitary System of government aimed at strengthening the Center and trampling the geographical frontiers of the provinces and weakening the provincial system of government. After the abolition of One Unit, the provinces were apparently restored but the provincial departments were weakened further on one hand and they were handed over to the Center through the Concurrent List on the other. Even the police departments, established by the British for maintaining peace, and were purely a provincial subject, were encroached by appointing the Inspectors General from the Center, which caused its utter failure to deliver. Today, the Police, and even the paramilitary force Rangers, are helpless to restore peace in Karachi Jalal Shah said.

Senior Vice President, SUP, Sayed Ghulam Shah, eminent intellectuals Abrarul Hassan, Muslim Shamim, Barrister Zameer Ghumro, Jami Chandio, Comrade Rochiram, Prof. Nagpal and Ms. Zahida Abro and Mahboob Abbasi of SUP also spoke on the occasion.

Qasim Jan, representative of Awami National Party (Wali Khan Group), read out the message of Begum Naseem Wali Khan who couldn’t attend the conference due to her health reasons. In her message, Begum Naseem Wali said the country today direly needed peace and promoting the culture of tolerance more than ever. She recalled that Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan and GM Sayed were the great leaders who foresaw the threats of religious extremism and anarchy and gave message of promoting tolerance and peace. She said the rulers should lesson from the unfortunate happenings of past that led to creation of Bangladesh.

Muslim Shamim in his address said GM Sayed was a great statesman and secular Muslim who left impact on generations throughout his life and even after his demise. He reminded the message of peace given by GM Sayed urged for promoting tolerance to restore peace in Karachi.

SUP leader Sayed Ghulam Shah in his speech criticized the authorities for not allowing the SUP to hold its peace conference at Nishtar Park. He also criticized those talking of dividing Sindh and urged the Urdu-speaking population to absorb them in local culture and adopt Sindh as their motherland.

A large number of politicians, intellectuals, writers, lawyers and party workers of SUP and Awami National Party attended the conference.

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