Tri-wheeler motorbike introduced to store blood

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KARACHI: Kashif Iqbal Thalassaemia Care Centre (KITCC) has introduced a modern motorbike equipped with cold storage facility for transporting donated blood bags from one place to other.

“The motorcycle is equipped with a box-type cold storage facility and capacity of 100 blood bags. Now, we can shift donated or collected blood bags from collection point to central KITCC’s cold storage facility,” said KITCC Chairman Mohammad Iqbal while talking to reporter.

He said KITCC was organizing blood donation camps in different parts of the city since several years to meet the requirement of Thalassaemia registered patients as well as to save precious lives of other people.

He informed that a tri-wheeler motorbike had been introduced for safe transposition of blood bags collected through blood donation camps. He said many precious lives could be saved by donating blood as thalassaemia suffering children need blood transfusion on regular basis throughout year.

He said tri-wheeler motorbike would be parked at shopping malls, mosques, colleges and universities to promote voluntary blood donation culture in the society. He said Kashif Iqbal Thalassaemia Care Centre will be equipped with modern facilities with generous support of philanthropists to save precious lives in future.

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