Winter skin diseases on the rise

KARACHI: Senior Dermatologist, Institute of Skin Diseases Sindh (ISDS) Karachi, Dr Qamar Iqbal Chandio, said that various skin disorders like xerosis, atopic dermatitis and scabies, are the rise in Karachi due to sudden drop in temperature.

Dr Chandio said skin diseases generally hit women, children and adults, having dry skin and number of skin diseases has gone up sharply in winter season among people with such type of skin. He said with the drop in temperature xerosis, atopic dermatitis and scabies cases have been increased in OPDs as compared to normal days.

He said overcrowding, poverty, unhygienic food, industrialization, and lack of proper awareness about the skin disease were main causes behind spread of skin problems in this season. He said skin diseases could be transformed to family members and colleagues due to overcrowding.

He explained dry skin (Xerosis) is a condition of rough, dry skin with fine scaling of skin and with small cracks in the skin. He said dry skin can be seen in people of any age but incidence of xerosis common in adults. He said majority of children reported in hospitals with atopic dermatitis in winter season, while scabies cases generally common among women due to drop of temperatures.

He said fairness cold creams, soaps containing chemicals might be prove further harmful and useless for people with dry skin. He said young generation generally use whitening cold creams and branded soaps without the prescription of dermatologist without knowing the side-effects, which was the totally wastage of money and also harmful to skin.

Dr Chandio said nature of skin diseases generally changes with climate change in the country. He said around 2,000 people visit different OPDs at Institute of Skin Diseases Hospital Karachi on daily basis. He said applying chemically manufactured henna has increased risk of developing skin dermatitis among women and girls in wedding season due to sensitivity of skin. He said some henna products contains dangerous chemical and some time skin could not accept the chemical which cause serious reaction.

He advised people to use natural moisturizers and olive oil that could be more effective in winter season for dry skin. He said in case of any kind of reaction affected part of body must be washed immediately and patients must be brought to hospital for further treatment.

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