Workshop on quality construction in Pakistan

Karachi: NED University of Engineering and Technology hosted a workshop on Sustainable Quality Improvement in Pakistan Construction Industry in collaboration with (FIU) Florida International University, East Carolina University and Auburn University. The workshop was uplinked to the American Universities via video link.

Speaking at the occasion Hussain Agha, Executive Director Agha Steel, said that “Karachi’s infrastructure is at danger because the current rebars’ used pose a severe risk to our infrastructure. It is imperative for structural engineers to use quality rebars that are designed to withstand Earthquakes”. He further added that Agha Steel Industries took an active role to raise awareness that sustainable quality rebars are only manufactured through the Electric Arc Furnace manufacturing route which provides additional safety to Seismic sensitive zones like Karachi.”

Building Information Modelling (BIM) was discussed by Dr. Salman Azhar, PH.D FIU USA, which is an innovative collaboration tool for productivity enhancement and continuous Quality improvement. Amongst other speakers was Architect Ejaz Ahmed where analysis and strategies were discussed for TQM in Pakistani Construction.

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