World top class medical professionals to meet in Karachi

KARACHI: An unprecedented gathering of world top class medical professionals will take place in Karachi at a five day international symposium, organized by Sindh Institute of Urology and Transplantation (SIUT) to celebrate four decades journey of its philosophy of providing medical care to population at large free with dignity.

Over hundred medical professionals, including some globally recognized transplant surgeons, physicians and specialists representing the other fields of medical sciences, will hold deliberations on variety of medical and health issues at the symposium. Topics concerning the advancements taking place in healthcare system will also come up for discussion at the gathering.

Prominent topics which have been chosen by organizers include “crusade against organ trade” “model of free care in developing countries and SIUT as model institutions for many under developed countries. Representatives of international organizations including WHO, will also take part in the proceedings.

Plenary session will take off with a presentation of Director SIUT Prof Adib Rizvi who will explain the philosophy of his institute and landmarks he achieved in his journey of 40 years. Apart from scientific sessions two public oriented debates have also been chalked out in the symposium which will last till December 12th. In public debates representatives of civil society and cross section of society will give their independent assessment about the impact made by SIUT in mitigating the sufferings of the people by practicing a unique philosophy of extending free medical care without any discrimination.