Ziauddin University Hospital facilitating government immunization drive

Karachi: Family Medicine Centers of Ziauddin University Hospital, Clifton to facilitate the government vaccination program is inoculating especially the polio and measles vaccines to the children and the travelling public. Persons immunized for travelling are also being provided an authentication certificate to enable their journey abroad. This certificate is valid for one year.

Last year 24,300 children were immunized, while during the current year 21,600 children have been vaccinated up to June 30, 2014 for polio, measles, tetanus, BCG, hepatitis etc. Besides, 350 travelling public has also been given mandatory polio drops and injections for journey abroad from Pakistan.

Children and people travelling abroad requiring vaccination may reach the out-door patients section Room-17 of the hospital and get themselves protected from deadly diseases and polio.

Prof Dr Jawaid Usman of Family Medicine Ziauddin University Hospital informed that oral vaccines are safe for all age groups including expecting mothers. However, patients with low immunity disorders such as HIV or cancer patients should take intra-muscular polio vaccines.

He also added that people already vaccinated will not face any negative effect for retaking the polio vaccine for travelling purposes. He informed that Ziauddin University Hospital vaccination teams under its door to door program vaccinated 3000 children of Sikanderabad – a low income area so far during 2014.

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