10-15% world population live with disabilities

Karachi: Around 10 to 15 percent world’s population live with disabilities and most of it with disabilities live in developing countries, said Director Training Community-based Rehabilitation (CBR) Dr Ali Murtaza while talking to PPI at MALC Centre.

Murtaza said keeping that prevailing situation in mind, the Marie Adelaide Leprosy Centre (MALC) had initiated a CBR Program in 2012-13 across the country. He informed that CBR Program was started in all 157 MALC Centers, excluding Punjab province.

He said main purpose of launching the CBR in country was to tackle the disabilities not only related to Leprosy disease but also other disabilities.

He informed that social rehabilitations of patients were vital to make them successful citizens. He said no such institution had been established in Pakistan in the past, however, MALC had started CBR Program to fulfill this vacuum. He vowed to extend the circle of CBR in future in order to reduce the disabilities rate in the country

Dr Ali informed that 961 persons with disabilities had been registered by CBR so far in Karachi out of which, 266 were suffering from Leprosy related disabilities, while 695 with other different disabilities. He said 339 children were also registered by CBR for rehabilitation. He said CBR team had started the rehabilitation of all people registered at center. He further said the training of Leprosy field staff and community members was also underway at CBR.

He informed that ratio of Leprosy is high in Sindh province as compared to other provinces. He said a total of, 377 leprosy cases were registered in Pakistan in 2012, out of which 80 were reported in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, 84 in Punjab, 27 in Balochistan and 183 in Sindh. He said 50 percent out of leprosy cases were being reported in Karachi with 26 percent overall share at Pakistan level.

He said ratio of disabilities rate was high in men as compared to women. He said most of disabilities occurred due to the family marriages, accidents, blood pressure, diabetes and non-administration of vaccination to children.

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