11th annual car show held

KARACHI: The historic Rolls Royce Ghosts used by Mohammad Ali Jinnah and Lord Mountbatten and the 1947 Lincoln Continental Cabriolet of King Zahir Shah stole the limelight at the 11th annual car show organized today by the Vintage and Classic Cars Club of Pakistan.

Scores of families, youth and auto enthusiasts thronged The Forum parking lot on Sunday evening for the much awaited annual display of some of the most fascinating historic cars here. The Vintage and Classic Cars Club of Pakistan hosted its biggest auto show with the concept of refreshing past memories and showcasing the classic masterpiece auto vehicles of the 20th century.

Mohsin Ikram, president of the club said “The holiday crowd made the day into an enjoyable and colourful weekend; our members and owners of some of the most precious and historic vintage cars were impressed and encouraged by the turnout. Family entertainment events like the car show help revive Karachi’s lost glory and promote Pakistan’s image; therefore, we are sincerely committed to promoting lifestyle amidst peace and prosperity in Karachi.”

“The Auto car show has always been a treat for the audience. This year, in particular, a large number of people participated in the show which confirms the enthusiastic and genuine interest the people of Karachi have in preserving the past and seeing the best of history,” he added.

Hascol participated as the major sponsor of this great lifestyle event. More than 100 classic cars from the past century featured in the show, including the eye catching American Cruisers and Muscle cars from 1950’s and late 1960’s. The Chevrolet Corvette and Pakistan’s first VW beetle were also a treat to watch. Credit must be given to the owners of all the vintage and classic cars who have painstakingly preserved the vehicles to its pristine glory.

About 5000 visitors attended the show and witnessed the best of the past.

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