12390 suspects arrested in four months

Karachi: Karachi police on Tuesday revealed the four-month performance report from 5 September to date.

According to police report, Karachi police arrested a total of 12390 criminals in 7655 different raids in various areas of city from 5 Sept 2013 to January 2013. Out of total arrested criminals, 3792 were arrested by East police, 3776 by South, 4225 by West police and 597 by Crime Investigation Agency (CIA) police.

A total of 601 encounters took place with criminal elements during which 84 criminals were killed in different zones, while 3661 absconders were also arrested in separates raids by police. A total of 2737 criminals were arrested under Arms Ordinance, 1561 under Narcotics Ordinance, 373 under POs and other 2947 in miscellaneous crimes.

The report further stated that Karachi police also recovered weapons of different categories in four-month that including three LMG, 75 Kalashnikovs/SMGs, 2818 pistols, mousers and revolvers, 49 rifles, 94 shotguns/repeaters and 126 hand grenades by different zones police.

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