55,000 TB cases reported in Sindh last year

Karachi: In-charge Sindh TB Control Program Dr Asmat Ara on Friday said about 55,000 TB cases were reported across Sindh province in 2013, while 20,000 cases in Karachi city alone.

Talking to PPI, she said that TB is an infectious disease that usually affects adult population. She said approximately 55,000 TB cases were reported across the province last year. She said 300 multi drug resistance (MDR) TB cases were also detected in the province.

She further informed that 270 TB diagnostic centers are working in big cities and towns of province. She said these centers are providing free of cost treatment facilities to TB patients.

Dr Asmat explained that data of TB patients is collected through the diagnostic centers, which is shared with the district level centers in quarterly meetings. Then this data is provided to Provincial TB Program in an inter-district meetings held after every three months. She said Provincial TB Program shares this data to Central TB Program in the meeting of provinces in Islamabad.

An official of TB Control Program Karachi on condition anonymity said that about 30,000 TB cases has been detected in Karachi city in 2013, out of which 20,000 were reported to 59 government-run diagnostic centers which comprises 61 percentage of total cases detected in the province. He said other 10,000 TB cases, not reported to government runs TB centers, were managed by the private hospitals of the city.

He said ratio of TB cases occurrence in city is 231 cases on per 100,000. He said out of total reported cases only 03 percent people died in the city last year due different reasons. He said 420,000 TB cases annually are reported in Pakistan, with Sindh’s share about 29percent.

He said poverty and unhygienic conditions are the major factors behind the spread of TB disease in Sindh province. He said TB infection generally develops in people with weak immune system. He said urban slums, overcrowding, mass migration of people towards mega cities and lack of awareness among the masses about the disease also causes the high prevalence of TB in the country.

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