All set for Pakistan Auto Show

Karachi: Indus Motor Company (IMC), the distributor and progressive manufacturer of Toyota vehicles in Pakistan, will bring the Pakistan Auto Show 2014, which is to be held from 6th to 8th March in Expo Centre Lahore.

The Pakistan Auto Show 2014 is Pakistan’s premier auto show event, held once in two years, where almost the entire local auto industry comes together to showcase their products, technologies and capabilities.

This year’s show is also expected to attract thousands of attendees who will be getting first hand information on some of their favourite cars and two-wheelers. The event will also attract international buyers of vehicles and automotive components which may increase local industry access to export markets.

Parvez Ghias, CEO of IMC said, “Pakistan has a huge potential to become auto manufacturing and exporting hub in Asia and such an event serves as a platform where untapped capabilities can be recognized, which will lead to development of the local industry.”

He added, “This is the reason behind our initiative to support PAAPAM so that we can practically shape the dream of gathering all the vendors under one roof where they can showcase their attained level of localization and show it to the buyers from new markets.”

He said that despite operating in a difficult environment, the local auto industry has shown tremendous improvements during the past decade as it has achieved on average 60 per cent localization while generating employment for thousands of people and bringing latest technology in Pakistan.

He further added that level of localization at which the industry is standing today is a proof that OEMs are committed to the localization process. IMC alone has developed 60 vendors and has arranged for 34 technical assistance agreements for transfer of technology. In addition, IMC has invested over Rs 10 billion for progressive localization for its range of products in Pakistan and procured over Rs 18 billion worth of local parts and sub assemblies from local sources during year 2012-13.

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