All steps taken to stop wheat smuggling: minister

KARACHI: Provincial Minister for Food Jam Mehtab Hussain Dehar said on Wednesday that food department Sindh had taken all possible measures to stop wheat smuggling to other provinces.

“Wheat smuggling will be discouraged at all levels,” the provincial minister said while talking to a group of journalists at his office in Karachi. He said that comprehensive steps were being taken to eradicate corruption from food department.

Daher said: “Scientific system has been adopted for transfer of wheat from wheat centres. Wheat will be transferred from one centre to another. It will not be transported from one centre unless the stock is finished from the one centre. The purpose of this practice is to maintain transparency.”

Replying to a question, the provincial minister said that the stock of wheat in the province was up to the requirement and there was no wheat shortage at any centre. He said that the main objective of Sindh food department was to provide relief to the people.

He said that proper action would be taken against those selling wheat above rates fixed by Sindh food department. Dehar also warned the officers of the department to perform their duties honestly.

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