APTMA demands NDMA from India

KARACHI: All Pakistan Textiles Mills (APTMA) has demanded non-discriminatory market access from India before asking MFN from Pakistan as without level playing field there could be no trade liberalization between the two neighbouring countries.

Chairman APTMA Muhammad Yasin Siddik through a statement pointed out the trade balance heavily tilted in favour of India due to whole array of regulatory duties and other levies on imports from Pakistan besides various rebates and incentives to Indian exporters from state and central governments.

Siddik, while expressing his great appreciation for appointing a high powered committee chaired by Finance Minister Muhammad Ishaq Dar and attended by Commerce Minister Engr Khurram Dastagir Khan and other federal secretaries wherein they have expressed realization of the fact that in order for the Non-Discriminatory Market Access (NDMA) process to progress further, India must give tangible concessions on items of exports so as to provide a level playing field in, which Pakistan and India both have an equal chance to increase their exports to each other.

Chairman APTMA lauded the efforts of the Minister for Commerce and Textile Industry, Engr. Khurram Dastagir Khan for having taken all the stakeholders on board before formulating his suggestions.

Currently, Yasin said that as far as Textiles was concerned the balance was heavily tilted in India’s favour because there existed a whole array of regulatory duties and other levies on imports and top it all the Indian Central Govt. plus the state governments were offering subsidies and rebates to boost their exports of textile products. Pakistan could only gain from trade liberalization with India if Pakistani textiles had chance of being exported. He cited a number of taxes and levies imposed on Pakistan’s textile items and unless these inequalities are removed Pakistan should not move forward in opening its borders to Indian textiles.

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