ASWJ announces sit-in outside consulate

KARACHI: Ahle Sunnat Wal Jamaat (ASWJ) will hold a protest sit-in outside a foreign consulate in Karachi on Friday against alleged interference into Pakistani internal affairs.

This was announced by ASWJ leaders while addressing a protest demonstration, against alleged foreign interference in Pakistan, in front of Karachi Press Club on Sunday.

Maulana Allah Wasaya Siddiqui, Dr. Muhammad Fayaz Khan, Allama Taj Muhammad Hanfi and other leaders said that it was an open secret that a neighbouring country was involved in the sectarian violence in Pakistan especially in target killing of ASWJ leaders and workers.

They said now the in charge of CID police, Raja Umer Khitab has also said in a press conference on Saturday that they have arrested some terrorists who had got training in that country and were involved in target killing of ASWJ leaders and workers. They demanded of the government to keep close eye on such activities.

They said that ASWJ was not involved in any kind of violence as it was a patriotic organization and it did not want to harm Pakistan. They warned if the government did not stop terrorism the country could face a civil war like situation.

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