Big flower show for Karachiites soon

KARACHI: Every year, during the month of February, the shore at sea view comes alive with colour and fragrance of flowers. Horticulture enthusiasts and novices alike work hard all year round- caring, nurturing, pruning-their collection of plants and flowers, to make it to the greatest horticulture event of the year.

This prestigious horticulture event is the 63rd Pakistan Flower Show 2014. From the 28th of February, the flower show will be open for the public lasting till the 3rd of March. Timings for the public will be from 8 am till 11pm.

Owners of nurseries and horticulture enthusiasts will participate in the show with their entries. The Flower Show is held at DHA Sea View Park every year to mark the beginning of spring; it presents an opportunity for businesses and people alike to display their year’s hard work on plants and flowers. The efforts made throughout the year transpire results for the proud owners on this day.

Owners proudly present their year’s hard work; these plants and flowers are literally their pets. Tremendous effort and research goes in to caring for them. Even though it is a flower and plants competition, the participants are highly competitive about their collections- they will not trade secrets and each one wishes to trump the other’s entries in terms of colour, quality and species. The best entries win a grand prize, while the others are lauded for their efforts.

The competition begins for the participants from the 23rd of February, where they will be bringing their entries and placing them forward for judgments. This entire process of the competition will be solely for the participants and people who have entry cards. But from the 28th of February, the flower show will be open for the public lasting till the 3rd of March. Timings for the public will be from 8 am till 11pm.

The road leading to sea view becomes packed with traffic, as cars move bumper to bumper to make it to the flower show. People from far and wide, from different corners of the city come to the flower festival to enjoy with their families. Flowers in enchanting colours and patterns, entice the young and old alike; many visitors stand mesmerized by the beautifully arranged patterns.

The festival is not merely for the display of flowers, it is a means to promote and encourage horticulture activities in homes and nearby areas. Women can take it up as hobby and inculcate the same habits in their children. Visitors at the festival will find displays for model gardens and floral arrangements- landscaping garden will become a far easier task with professional help. Moreover a huge variety of cacti, bonsai’s and orchids will be up for sale from the best importers and cultivators. A garden is not complete without accessories to charm up the look- at the flower festival customers interested will find essential tools and accessories for gardening.

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