Book on legislative trends on women, family launched

Karachi: A study titled ‘Legislation on Women and Family in Pakistan: Trends and Approaches’ conducted by a task force constituted at Institute of Policy Studies, Islamabad has been published by IPS Press – the publishing arm of the Institute.

The work is based on various legislative works on the issues concerning women and family in Pakistan and takes extensively into account the bills, enactments and ordinances introduced in or passed by the national parliament during previous tenure (2008-2013).

The book, which is jointly edited by Director-General IPS Khalid Rahman and senior researcher Nadeem Farhat, suggests how the issues related to women and family need to be approached, conceived, assessed and responded. For example, it calls for more sensitivity towards the status, role and rights of women, ensuring a dignified position for every individual through strengthened family structure as basic societal institution.

The book also calls upon the policy makers to develop better understanding of the social fabric and suggests that institutionalizing the indigenous value system would bring about an enduring change, as the legislative solutions based on popular practices would earn respect and recognition.

The study suggests macro-level strategy of rooting out feudal culture, ensuring good governance and striving for a pluralistic international environment.

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