Calligraphy exhibition opens

KARACHI: Group Calligraphy Exhibition titled “The All And Ever – Merciful” by Ahmed Khan, Munawar Mohiuddin and Akram Spaul, opened at Fine Art Pakistan Gallery in Defence, Karachi.

Fine Art Pakistan Gallery has been a pioneer in preserving art culture. It has played a vital role to bring forward the zeal of artists all over Pakistan.

Gallery curator Rafia Maniar, commenting on the work of the artists, said that they were traditionally very independent individuals.

During the show, Akram Spaul said: “I portray my thoughts thru realistic and calligraphy-I treat both equally. I love to paint the happenings and scenes of daily life with truthful and accurate depiction. I normally pronounce lives of ordinary class.”

The inclusion of the artworks of Ahmed Khan is one of the eminent calligraphists of Pakistan, he said.

Ahmed Khan, also an educationist, is celebrated for the luminous paintings, in which a traditional interpretation of line and form are reassessed as calligraphic design. His work comprises overlaid calligraphic designs based on silver foil pressed on canvas/board which with a sprinkle of chemicals turns them into vibrant colours.

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