Cold weather increases skin diseases in city

Karachi: Chief Medical Officer, Institute of Skin Diseases Hospital Karachi and renowned skin specialist Dr Manzoor Memon on Monday said current wave of cold winds and dry weather in the city could increase skin diseases among people.

He expressed these views while talking to the media men about surge of skin diseases with change of weather in Karachi city at Skin Diseases Hospital Karachi. He said major factor behind the surge of skin diseases in city is dry weather and use of unhygienic food.

Dr Manzoor said rising pollution in the city also causes skin infections in women and men. He said youngsters facing skin and pimple infections generally prefer to visit substandard beauty parlours rather than to consult with skin specialists. He said substandard beauty parlours could further create problems for their skin.

He said use of substandard cold creams and lotions for dry skin could be harmful for patients suffering from skin diseases in winter season. He suggested the use of quality creams and lotions in cold weather for dry skin and enhancing the body moisture level.

Dr Memon said number of patients with skin disease has increased in cold weather in different Out Patient Departments (OPDs) at hospital. He said dry skin, hands and heel cracks infections are common cases being reported now in hospital. He stressed the need for raising proper awareness among the people about the skin diseases through media and other forums.

He advised the people to take care of personal hygienic and take balanced food to prevent themselves from skin diseases. He further advised women to avoid visiting substandard beauty parlours for makeup and grooming.

He informed that a new Leprosy Center has been established in hospital to diagnose and treatment of disease in early stages.

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