DIG CIA for effectively dealing with threats to small traders

KARACHI: Deputy Inspector General CIA, Sultan Khawaja, has extended full support and cooperation to Special Committee of Small Traders of the Karachi Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KCCI) in effectively dealing with threats being received by small traders from the elements of Bhatta mafia.

Sultan assured to personally review the progress of various cases along with SSP Specialized Investigation Unit, Muhammad Farooq Awan, so that prompt act could be taken against criminals.

Sultan was speaking at a meeting during his visit to KCCI which was held to highlight the grievances being faced by small traders who are constantly being threatened by the Bhatta mafia.

President KCCI, Abdullah Zaki, Senior Vice President KCCI, Muffasar A. Malik, Vice President KCCI, Muhammad Idrees, Chairman Special Committee for Small Traders, Majeed Memon, Vice Chairman Rafiq Jadoon, Chairman Law and order Sub-Committee, Haji Asif Chamdia and representatives of various markets were also present at the meeting. DIG Sultan Khawaja was accompanied by SSP Specialized Investigation Unit, Muhammad Farooq Awan and DSP CIA, Rao Aslam at the meeting.

Responding to various complaints highlighted by the meeting participants, Sultan Khawaja assured that he will immediately forward all these complaints to CCPO so that prompt action could be taken by issuing directives to the concerned police stations to act against these elements.

Sultan Khawaja said, “Businessmen and small traders are the engine of economy and it is our responsibility to ensure a safe and secure atmosphere for the entire business community. Any threat to businessmen not only affects their lives and businesses but also the entire economy. Despite limited resources, we are trying our best to provide some relief to the depressed business community. We must act jointly through coordinated efforts to effectively deal with criminals”, he added.

He informed that police department is in the process of documenting all complaints pertaining relating to Bhatta mafia and advised the business community to come forward and share extortion complaints.

Stressing the need to enhance coordination between police officials and representatives of various trade associations of local markets, DIG said that besides regularly meeting in KCCI, they will also be holding a meeting in Saleem Vahidi Police Auditorium soon where all high ranking police officers, SHOs of concerned police stations and representatives of the business community will be invited to give suggestions and highlight their complaints, which will greatly help in minimizing the coordination gap and reduce lawlessness in the city.

Speaking on the occasion, President KCCI, Abdullah Zaki, said that KCCI had been actively raising its voice at all forums against the rising lawlessness in Karachi and the grievances being faced by small traders due to constants threats by the elements of Bhatta mafia.

He also stressed the need to fully equip the police department with state of the art arms and ammunition so that they could effectively deal with culprits who are responsible for sabotaging peace of Karachi city.

Former SVP and Chairman of Special Committee for Small Traders, Majeed Memon, urged the heads of various Law Enforcing agencies to do more as the overall situation in various markets was not good at all and shopkeepers were being fearlessly victimized by the elements of Bhatta mafia.

“Complaints pertaining to demand for Bhatta are much higher as compared to the documented complaints because most of small traders prefer not to disclose these threats and try to negotiate with criminals on their own. Lack of confidence on police department’s abilities to effectively deal with criminals keeps small traders away from approaching the police for assistance”, he added.

He further advised DIG Khawaja Sultan to issues instructions to all police stations to improve coordination with KCCI’s Special Committee of Small Traders which represents almost 350 small associations of various markets from Boulton Market to Sohrab Goth.

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