ESL Council launches vocabulary course for teachers

Karachi: The ESL Development Council Pakistan (ESLDCP), in collaboration with Sindh Culture Department and VMP Schools Forum, on Wednesday launched a comprehensive course in English vocabulary for schoolteachers at the National Museum here.

The course, which is part of a broad initiative by the Council to help improve the declining standard of English in schools in the country, will impart an impeccable knowledge of several thousand most important English words to one hundred schoolteachers absolutely free of charge, over a period of six months.

Speaking on the occasion, the ESLDCP chairman Muhammad Yahya Polani deplored the declining standard of English in schools and argued that the situation could not be improved until teachers are imparted proficiency in the language through short- and long-term courses. “There is no running away from English in the present-day world as it is a global language and the chief medium of international communication, besides being the language of the computer,” he said, adding: “Therefore, we must focus extensively on training programs exclusively designed to impart proficiency in English to schoolteachers on a regular basis.”

Teachers from the following schools are participating in the ESLDCP’s vocabulary building program: Al-Azhar Academy, Bhimpura; Noor Public School, Usmanabad; Al-Musleh Foundation Academy, Khori Garden; Raza Academy, Kharadar; Afshan Public School, Meethadar; Salt Lake School, Shireen Jinnah Colony; Sulemania Public School; Clifton; Ash-Shajra Islamic Academy, North Karachi; & As-Suffa Academy, North Karachi.

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