Five Pakistanis released by India reach home

KARACHI: The efforts of Ansar Burney Trust International has become fruitful after five Pakistani crew members of Ship MV Meem were released and reached back home from Indian state of Gujrat.

Earlier the Indian Gujarat High Court on a petition filed by Chairman of Ansar Burney Trust International and Pakistan’s former federal minister for human rights, Ansar Burney, directed the District Collector of Bhavnagar District (where ship was lying on shores) to extend all helps related to food, water and medical supplies to 17 crew members including five Pakistanis on MV Meem ship.

Gujrat High Court bench comprising Chief Justice Bhaskar Bhattacharya and Justice JB Pardiwala, on Ansar Burney Trust International’s petition, had also ordered the Collector to file a status report of the situation of the crew members of MV Meem by Monday – September 23.

Ansar Burney in his petition diverted the attention of the Indian High Court and informed it that the unfortunate ship MV Meem had a total of 17 crew members, including five Pakistanis, six Indians, three Egyptians; one each Palestinian, Syrian and Bangladeshi on board, stranded as ship was seized in Indian sea of Gujrat, on the directives of Gujrat High Court.

During hearing government’s pleader Prakash Jani informed the court that the vessel was detained in high sea, following some payment issues and an HC order in that regard.

Ansar Burney in his petition further requested the court to instruct the concern department on humanitarian grounds for release of crew and meanwhile to immediately arrange food and clean water for crew’s survival. Ansar Burney Trust in this regard was also in contact with Indian Shipping Authorities to provide fresh food and clean drinking water to the innocent crew on Board.

The United Nations former Expert Adviser on human rights, Ansar Burney said that the ship was earlier stuck in Mozambique in March 2013, wherein a Pakistani Second Engineer, Ghulam Hussain was died and whose dead body was brought back to Pakistan by Ansar Burney Trust purely on humanitarian grounds and other members were also helped by Ansar Burney Trust.

Ansar Burney now thanked President Mamnoon Hussain, Pakistan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Indian Gujrat High Court and Indian High Commission at Islamabad for their kind support in getting the release of the crew and bringing five Pakistanis back home.

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