FPCCI opposes any change in present police setup

KARACHI: SM Farhad, Chairman FPCCI Standing Committee on Young Entrepreneurs, in a statement on Tuesday said that the ongoing operation had improved the law and order situation in Karachi to a significant level resulting in restoration of confidence of the business community who were at the mercy of the law breakers and culprits.

The efforts of rangers and police are commendable, who sacrificed their lives in bringing the peace and tranquillity back to Karachi. The ongoing operation is the need of hour.

Farhad supported the demand of DG Rangers that any change in the ongoing operation, particularly with respect to transfer of police officials who are at the helm of the affairs of the ongoing operation, will be unaffordable.

The changes in the police hierarchy involved in operation will badly affect the ongoing operation, he added.

The business community has a great trust and faith in the present setup in the police and rangers who has put its best efforts for restoration of peace and business activities in Karachi which is hub of the economic activities, he said.

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