Huge job potential in software engineering, services industry

Karachi: There is a huge job potential in software engineering and services sector and giving attention to these two industries could help in reducing joblessness in Pakistan, said an expert.

General Manager (GM) Corporate Business Consultant (CBC) from Illinois, USA Masoom Ali has urged the Small and Medium Enterprises Development Authority (SMEDA) to promote software engineering and services for profitable vocation for youth in Pakistan.

Zulfikar Thaver president Union of Small and Medium Enterprises (UNISAME) welcomed Masoom Ali and sought his advice on best business for SME new entrants and sought collaboration of USA Pakistani origin philanthropist and donors for SME promotion and development in Pakistan.

Masoom Ali said Pakistan is fortunate to have a business friendly prime minister and SMEDA needs to benefit from his soft corner for SMEs.

He suggested that SMEDA needs to prepare youth as service providers and software engineers to enable them work for the business community under outsourcing agreements.

He said he found many youths desirous of obtaining loans under PM Youth Loan Scheme to set up grocery stores but this is just like buying a job for you, as it is not the best business for talented youth. Shops are meant for the youth who are not highly educated. It is just a mediocre business to survive and involves a full time job. In USA too many Pakistani origin youths have put up grocery stores and small restaurants and not only they but their wives have also to work very hard in the stores and the chances of growing are not there. It is merely a survival; therefore, the best business is where there is growth and scope for handsome earning.

He said in USA there are many firms which are doing business of service providers and are facilitating the business organizations and there seems lot of scope in Pakistan for youth to start their own business as service providers.

Speaking about software engineering he emphasized that there is global demand and Pakistani educated and talented youth could offer their services as software consultants after acquiring skills in software.

Masoom Ali invited the non government organizations (NGOs) working in Pakistan for SME promotion and development to keep close contact with the American business leaders and seek their help for SME uplift in Pakistan on scientific lines.

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