Ijtimagah road needs urgent repair

KARACHI: A single-track road leading to Ijtimagah of Tablighi Jamaat in Orangi town Karachi is in dilapidated condition: needing urgent repair.

This Ijtimagah of Tablighi Jamaat is visited by hundreds of thousands of people as big Tablighi congregations are held here regularly. On these days this small and broken road: from Naya Nazimabad site to the congregation compound: wittiness crippling traffic jams with thousands of vehicles stuck up in a messy manner.

Tablighi Jamaat is a non-political entity having millions of followers in the country including Karachi. Its congregations are visited by the people belonging to all walks of life: from big tycoons to daily-wage earners.

The early repair and expansion of the Ijtimagah road would not only facilitate these people but also bring a lot of ease for citizens living in surrounding areas of Orangi and Manghopir.

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