K-Electric unearths 2 major power theft cases

KARACHI: K-Electric teams raided West Wharf on Friday and unearthed two major cases of electricity theft which were being carried out through direct illegal connections, and has issued recovery notices to the culprits accumulating to more than Rs 9.0 Million.

According to a press statement released, at Data Steel Pipe Industry in West Wharf, total detected stolen load was found to be 68 kW of electricity worth more than Rs 7.0 Million while at the offices of Speedway in the same area, around 17 kW power load worth Rs 2.3 Million had been stolen. At both places, the thieves had jointed 35 mm cable through service cables before energy meters for the purpose of power theft. As per KE’s calculations, due to this theft, KE was incurring monthly losses in the range of Rs 2.0 to Rs 2.5 Million.

K-Electric has exhorted the law-abiding citizens to support KE in its ongoing anti-theft drive by pointing out such theft in their neighborhood. KE has also warned the electricity thieves to refrain from this anti-social and criminal act which has been the main reason behind load shedding and the huge financial losses to the power utility.

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