Karachi needs better urban rescue facilities

Karachi: Karachi Metropolitan Corporation (KMC) Administrator Rauf Akhtar Farooqui said urban search and rescue units have become more important in the present situation and therefore these institutions must be equipped with latest search and rescue techniques and well trained staff.

He said this on a visit of Urban Search & Rescue Centre along with the Senior Director Municipal Services Masood Alam, Search & rescue team commander M. Naeem Yousuf and other officers.

Administrator inspected various equipments and machinery that was used in this centre and directed Senior Director Municipal Services to ensure their proper maintenance and provision of better training facilities to staff deputed on search and rescue works.

He said such centers were kept in very good condition in all major cities of the world and being a big metropolitan city, Karachi also needs such important facilities that could be used to save the precious lives and property of people in case of any emergency situation or accidents.

In a briefing to Administrator Karachi it was informed that the centre had been performing in all kinds of emergency situations like collapsed or burning buildings and other urgent situations. So far the staff of this centre had saved many lives and property from damage in different areas of the city. The centre has 50 master trainers who had been given latest training in the field of search and rescue and with the help of 16 trained sniffer dogs the staff of this centre was performing its duty. This facility was existed in Karachi and Islamabad only and this being the only such centre in the city.

Administrator said the staff doing the search and rescue work deserves appreciation as they performed their duty in urgent emergency situations. An immediate action in such incidents could save precious lives and property of citizens.

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