Karachi police claim crime rate down; statistics show target killings double in January

KARACHI: Police claim that the crime rate in Karachi has fallen sharply after the ongoing operation launched in September 2013 against criminal elements in the city. However, according to statistics presented by the Atique Ahmed Shaikh, spokesperson for Additional Inspector General (IGP) Sindh, Shahid Hayat, target killings have increased up to 43 in January 2014. However, the figure of target killings in September 2013 was 19. Similarly 13 cases of target killings were reported in October 2013, 21 in November 2013 and 19 in December 2013. Hence the number of target killings in the city in January 2014 was almost double that of September 2013 when the operation was launched.

Talking to media at his office, Shaikh said that instead of being less equipped and under strength, the police was fighting terrorism and other criminal activities. “Despite that 27 policemen have embraced martyrdom in January this year, our personnel are not afraid to go behind the criminals.”

He said that more policemen were targeted this month because the criminals were feeling the heat of the operation and now they are fighting back to refrain police from pursuing them. Shaikh said that the ongoing operation would continue until the last criminal in Karachi is nabbed.

As per crime rate statistics given by Atique Shaikh for the period from 5th September 2013 to 28th January 2014, 2865 cell phone related crimes were reported in September; 1692 in October; 1512 in November; 1221 in December while no crime was reported till January 28 this year.

Similarly, 120 extortion cases were reported in September; 117 in October; 87 in November; 51 in December and only 8 in January.

Moreover, 137 murder cases were ported in September, 133 in October, 165 in November, 92 in December and nine in January.

For kidnapping for ransom cases, 15 were reported in September, 10 in October, 03 in November, 04 in December and 02 in January.

118 bank robberies and dacoities were reported in September, 73 in October, 74 in November, 90 in December and 90 till January 28.

He also briefed the media about how many accused were arrested from 5th September 2013 to 28th January 2014 and how many of them were in Jjail, on bail, under police custody and acquitted by court.

Total accused arrested in South Zone were 4335 out of them 1295 are in jail, 2940 on bail, 21 under police custody and 79 acquitted by courts.

Total accused arrested in East Zone were 4134, out of them 2397 are in jail, 1334 on bail, 403 under police custody while no one acquitted by courts.

In West Zone, 4793 accused were arrested out of them 3944 accused are in jail, 698 are on bail, 136 under police custody and 15 acquitted by courts.

The Criminal Investigation Agency (CIA) also arrested 633 accused out of them 631 were in jail, two under police custody while no accused neither acquitted nor released on bail after being arrested by CIA.

Atique said that rate of conviction was far below due to improper prosecution and the department was focusing to improve conviction rate. He said that the police was moving in the right direction and soon they would be able to overcome these problems.

He said that the department was also trying to provide facilities to the families of slain police officials and in this regard an amount of Rs 320 million was sanctioned earlier and an amount of Rs 600 million has been approved recently by the provincial government in order to provide facilities to the bereaved families.

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