KCCI, CPLC agree to establish Command & Control Centre

KARACHI: The Karachi Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KCCI) and the Citizen Police Liaison Committee (CPLC) have agreed to establish a state-of-the-art Command and Control Centre within KCCI premises in order to facilitate business community.

Decision to establish KCCI-CPLC Command & Control Centre was taken during a meeting between President KCCI, Abdullah Zaki and CPLC Chief, Ahmed Chinoy who visited the Karachi Chamber to discuss the possibility of setting up a fully equipped Command & Control Centre which will be capable of effectively monitoring commercial markets spread across the city. Senior Vice President KCCI, Muffasar A Malik, Vice President KCCI, Muhammad Idrees and other Managing Committee members also attended the meeting.

Speaking on the occasion, CPLC Chief, Ahmed Chinoy, said that this Command and Control Centre would certainly help in promptly resolving various security issues and complains pertaining to demand for extortion money, kidnapping for ransom, thefts, robberies and other heinous crimes being suffered daily by the traders of Karachi city.

CPLC Chief assured full support and cooperation to Karachi Chamber for setting up this most important Command and Control Centre where officers of Sindh Police, Pakistan Rangers Sindh and other LEAs would remain deployed round-the-clock to monitor activities at some of the major commercial markets, particularly those markets situated in the old city areas.

Speaking on the occasion, President KCCI, Abdullah Zaki said that the proposed KCCI-CPLC Command & Control Centre is expected to be established within the next two months which will be fully equipped with all the required facilities.

“It will monitor commercial markets across the city through CCTV cameras and provide police reporting facility, besides having Complaint Resolution and Bhatta Cells. This Command & Control Centre will also maintain computerized records of all complaints along with details of criminals and will also be linked with all police stations and police mobiles through wireless radio service which would help in quickly responding to any unpleasant situation”, he added.

Abdullah Zaki said, “Considering the extremely fragile law and order situation of Karachi and the grievances being faced by businessmen and industrialists, we felt it necessary to join hands with CPLC as they are doing a fine job and are actively engaged in minimizing the hardships being faced by the masses due to rising lawless in the city.”

He was fairly optimistic that the proposed KCCI-CPLC Command & Control Centre will quickly be able to achieve its objectives as businessmen, industrialists and small traders, who usually avoid visiting police stations due to malpractices by many police officers, will prefer this Command & Control Centre where they can fearlessly lodge their complaints and seek progress.

Commenting on poor law and order situation of Karachi city, Abdullah Zaki said that although slight improvement has been witnessed as far as the incidents of demand for Bhatta are concerned but the overall security situation remains perturbed while street crimes in many areas have risen sharply nowadays.

“It seems that the Karachi operation which was undertaken by Pakistan Rangers Sindh along with police has either decelerated or come to halt without attaining the core objective of restoring complete peace in Karachi which contributes substantial funds to the national exchequer in shape of taxes and is undoubtedly the financial hub of Pakistan. “We have been reiterating at various forums to intensify Karachi operation but unfortunately, nobody is paying attention to business community’s plea and I fear that the Karachi operation has been put on hold”, he added and urged the government to resume and intensify Karachi operation till peace is fully restored in Karachi city.

Speaking on the occasion, Vice President KCCI, Muhammad Idrees, while expressing sheer disappointment over the performance of police, informed that KCCI had received numerous complains, particularly from the old city areas about the misconduct of police officers who had established their own police stations within the police stations and were using it to harass and blackmail businessmen so that they could attain their personal goals of financially benefitting from the situation. He urged IG Sindh and other officers to take notice of the situation and act against such corrupt officers.

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