KCDR to accredit 18 muftis

Karachi: Karachi Centre for Dispute Resolution (KCDR) is to award mediator accreditation certificates to 18 muftis of Jami’atur Rasheed on Monday, 3rd March 2014.

The certification ceremony will be presided by President KCDR, (former Chief Justice of Pakistan), Justice (retd) Saiduzzaman Siddiqui.

The chief guest, Justice (retd.) Mufti Muhammad Taqi Usmani, will distribute the certificates amongst the participants. Prominent businessmen and office bearers of Karachi Chamber of Commerce and Industry, members of the Sindh Bar Council and Bar Association and other prominent citizens are likely to attend the ceremony.

KCDR’s mediation training in-charge, Ebrahim Saifuddin will also be present.

In December, Jami’atur Rasheed approached KCDR with regards to its training programme. KCDR proceeded to train 18 muftis of Jami’atur Rasheed in January in line with its ideology that an institutionalized form of alternate dispute resolution will benefit the country greatly especially in these times. With the condition of the country deteriorating, there needs to be an alternate form to settle disputes amicably. Mediation has helped resolve a large number of disputes in foreign countries including the United Kingdom, the United States, Singapore and many others.

KCDR, a not-for-profit organization, has been conducting mediation in all types of civil and corporate disputes. The organization has been successful in helping the release of US$38,499,659 as settlement amount since its inception in 2007. KCDR has previously also trained 440 judges of the district courts as well as numerous lawyers, and senior management from the corporate sector. In 2011 the Centre trained around 40 provincial and federal investigating officers of the Wafaqi Ombudsman Secretariat. On the request of the provincial government, KCDR in collaboration with Women Development Department (Government of Sindh) conducted mediation in women cases in different headquarters of Sindh except Karachi.

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