Krebs being used as car display platforms

Karachi: Citizens face immense problems due to perpetual traffic jam at New M A Jinnah Road during evening rush hour due to illegal parking of vehicles on the street and footpaths, which are being used as car display platforms.

The M A Jinnah Road in one of the busiest arteries of Karachi, used by millions of commuters, who face immense problems due to traffic jams because of wrong parking. There are dozens of car showrooms, many set up in car parking spaces of flat building. Moreover, these car showroom owners use all space of footpath and almost 60percent road to display their cars for sale. The motor mechanics and tyre changing shops also do their work on the main road and its footpath, leaving a meagre space for the passing traffic. This results in chronic traffic jams, especially in noon and evening rush hours.

The Karachi Metropolitan Corporation (KMC), Commissioner Karachi, district administration and traffic police are well aware of this civic issue but there is lack of political will to get the illegally occupied road and footpath spaces vacated from the powerful mafia of car dealers, which has no regard for the rights of street and footpath users.

The citizens demand to curtail the size of footpaths, as very wide footpaths were constructed on this street so that the car dealers could easily park their cars for sale on them, using them as their display platform. Moreover, iron grills need to erected on footpaths so as to make it impossible for their use as the display platform of the car dealers. The KMC may also declare the street as charging parking area, as it would deter the culture of wrong parking and also generate some funds for the cash strapped civic body.

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