KW&SB severs illegal connections

KARACHI: Karachi Water and Sewerage Board (KW&SB) has disconnected illegal connections made in a main trunk line of 48-inch diameter with the help of Surjani Town police on Tuesday near Khameso Goth in Kumharpara, North Karachi.

The illegal water connections on Lyari River were again made by water thief mafia therefore KWSB had to cut the connections with the help of Surjani police and all the pipes and other goods were seized by KW&SB.

In charge Water Hydrants Saeed Ahmed Sheikh had informed MD KW&SB and DMD Technical Services that water thief mafia had again made connections with the 48 inch diameter pipeline and started selling illegal water. Thus Chief Engineer WTM Anwar Saeed, Superintendant Engineer Asif Qadri, Executive Engineer Asif Hafeez cut all the connections with the help of police and took pipes and other goods into their custody. An FIR is also being registered against the water thief mafia.

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