LEAs urged not to harass innocent citizens

Karachi: A local trader who was whisked away by law enforcing agencies from Karachi, kept in illegal detention and even months later freed after the intervention of court, here Monday, told media that law enforcing agencies in Karachi have been misusing the free hand given to them and were tormenting innocent people to extort bribes instead of taking on real criminals.

Ittehad Tajiran-e-Committee Al-Asif Square Karachi leader Saeedal son of Abdul Momin, speaking at a crowded press conference here at Karachi Press Club (KPC), said he was a local trader, residing at Al-Asif Square, Suhrab Goth, Karachi. He said on the night of April 4, 2013 ex-in charge of Suhrab Goth police station post along with rangers whisked him away along with his brothers in a ‘sham operation ‘and shifted them to an unknown location. He said after three to four days his brothers and other arrested people were released; however, he was kept in illegal detention.

He said police were specially assigned to torment him and his brother Qudratullah because they had protested against the Bhatta collection mafia in Suhrab Goth area. He said for this crime four local traders including his cousin were murdered by the extortionists on the first of Ramazanul Mubarak at the Al-Asif Square, Karachi. He said this case was under trial in the Anti-Terrorism Court and he was also the complainant in this case in the FIR 508/2012.

Saeedal said after being picked by police and agencies he remained in their illegal dentition and after about five months, he was released in Islamabad after snatching his identity papers, and soon after the FIA arrested him as illegal immigrant and sent him to Adiyala Jail in a FIR under Section 14-FA. He said later he was presented before a court which ordered his immediate release, but still he was not released. Later, his brothers sent all his identity papers to the federal government and Supreme Court of Pakistan and the apex court ordered his release. He said: “In this way after a long illegal detention of about seven months for no crime except raising voice against extortionists today I am present before you.”

He said that he was sent to Adiyala Jail only because his brother Qudratullah has filed a constitutional petition, CP No D1671/2013 in the honourable Sindh High Court. He said the SHC has also ordered to take his statement and provide security to him and his family and the ex incharge of police post involved in his missing should be investigated. He said; however, the order of the court was not implemented. He said instead on October 27, 2013, the then in charge of police post again barged into his house along with police contingent and harassed his family. The police also looted two cell phones and Rs25000 cash from his home.

The trader demanded of the government to rein in the police and agencies from harassing innocent people and traders in the garb of operation and ask them to give focus to the criminals, killers and extortionists which is their real legal, constitutional and official responsibility.

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